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Something I’d like to do more often with this website is to help support people who are making their way in the film industry.

One of those people is Ben Thompson, a fellow student from Hilbre High School, who has forged a promising career as a cinematographer/steadicam operator and is looking to use that potential to break in.

His latest project is a short film entitled The Badge and the Bloody Unicorn which is currently seeking funding in order to become a feature-length production. Ben and his colleagues have written a description about their plans on the film’s Facebook page.

“This page was created to document the production of a short film, which will eventually, hopefully, become a feature film. It’s here to try and generate some ground swell before kick-starting a crowd sourcing campaign (see what I did there?)

We’re not putting all our golden eggs into one money lined basket here, so instead of pinning all our hopes on getting the full budget purely through crowd sourcing, the short film will go along with a pitch that I’ve written that we can physically present to potential investors, which will really open up our chances of receiving funding from different avenues. 

One small thing I wanted to add here: both synopsis’s sound a little generic, vigilante movies with that outline are a dime a dozen, but what I’m wanting to try and do is difficult to sum up in a little blurb. The idea lives mostly in the way the film will be structured, I don’t want to divulge too much information but, I wanted to take quite a simple story and change the way that we as an audience perceive it purely by structuring it differently, not by physically changing anything in the story, just by moving the scenes around in a different order, basically telling a different story through the guise of a conventional one…if that makes sense.”

Ben and his fellow Hilbre classmate Darren Pritchard (who plays one of the main characters in the film) are working with writer/director Colin Grant. Winner of the Royal Reel award at the Canada International Film Festival, Grant has funded this new project himself.

The short version of the film has a brief synopsis which is:

“A widowed father seeks revenge on the man responsible for abducting his only child.”

But should it end up being adapted to a full-length feature, then the synopsis will expand to this:

“After his infant daughter is kidnapped by a group of child molesters, a widowed father goes on a vigilante torture spree, making his way round the guilty parties, spiraling deeper and deeper into his madness, progressively becoming more erratic and unpredictable in his execution, until he finally stumbles upon the man responsible. This will be offset by frequently jumping back to the man’s life before the kidnapping; one life born out of love and the other born out of loss”.

Filming has already begun on the short version with shooting taking place in various parts of the Wirral. Pictures of the shoot can also be seen on their page.

Ben and co. would greatly appreciate it if you could share or like the film’s page on Facebook.

This is a great opportunity to help promising young filmmakers across the Wirral! So get to it peeps!

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