Welcome to Craig’s Cinematic Critique Part II: The Website!

“And now, my friends, I address you all tonight, as you truly are. Come and dream with me.”

Prior to today, I had been contemplating designing my own film website to try spread my portfolio as a film critic but never really got round to doing it as I had my blog to deal with. But out of nowhere I now have my own website! For the past 18 months, I worked hard to build up my film blog and hoped to gain more followers and get some comments on my reviews from the various films I saw. However while I did receive positive feedback from some people, it wasn’t as much as I hoped for given my strong following on Facebook. Some reasons given were that followers would have to sign up to Blogger to comment on the reviews but disappointingly there weren’t that many to savour.

What I am looking forward to with this website now is the opportunity for more and more people to access it. That way, they can give their opinions about what they think of the different films I review and give me a challenge in ways of improving my writing. Obviously I am aware of the lack of time most people have with spending a few minutes looking up a website on a subject which doesn’t always appeal to them. However it is part of our everyday life that we come to experience the film industry whether it be watching films on the big screen or simply watching them at home via a DVD (or a Blu-Ray if you’re rich!).

Most of you know how important it is to me that I go far with my film journalism and to be honest there isn’t any other particular job I would be interested in unless it was media related! That’s not me being fussy but truthful and having spent years now watching all these different and mesmerising films, it would seem a complete waste for me to have dedicated all my time to watch them and not got anything out of it other than to say “that’s a good film”. I did not waste 3 years of my life studying long and hard at university to analyse films like The Magnificent Ambersons or The Marriage of Maria Braun and not use that fantastic knowledge for my own gain in a profession which I have grown to love.

With my new website I am now looking to extend the categories by posting film news articles which I did on my blog briefly with the news regarding Skyfall and the rumour that Jessica Chastain would be playing Princess Diana in an upcoming biopic (which has now sadly gone to Naomi Watts). I will also start doing a Television category in which I talk about my favourite TV shows ranging from comedies like Only Fools and Horses to serious dramas like The Sopranos and The Wire and of course my favourite soap Coronation Street.

With my attention now switched to this website, it means that my Film Blog on Blogger will probably not be used much anymore which is disappointing. But importantly, this website will be a lot easier to access and should gain more attention from new readers via the web and not having to rely on them signing up via Google to give their perspectives.

Thank you all for your support on the blog, and hopefully many more will join me in sharing their love for film at the new home of Craig’s Cinematic Critique!

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