Why we love Killing Eve’s Villanelle in 28 gifs

This coming Monday sees the arrival of Killing Eve’s third series, which already promises to be another wild ride. The award-winning BBC show has garnered a strong cult following in the last couple of years with most of its praise going to Liverpudlian actress Jodie Comer and her mesmerising performance as Villanelle.

The flamboyant Russian assassin is back again for this new series so it’s only right to pay tribute to the character via this GIF-based article which focuses on her best expressions / moments.

Oops, Sorry Not Sorry


Looking in the Mirror


Hide and Seek (#1)


What do you say?


Hide and Seek (#2)


The calm before the storm


Weapon love


Dinner Invite


The feelings of a psychopath


Here comes trouble


Take me to the Hole!


‘Bad’ advice


Having to wear crocs




Hiding your disgust


Screaming contest


An anxious wait


When something doesn’t smell right


Help, I need somebody….


When boredom sets in




This Little Piggy


How a bad night out feels


Maniacal laughing




How boredom REALLY feels


Excessive eating


That’s my girl


And here are five more to look forward to from this upcoming series!

Don’t mess with this clown!


Holding a tune


Uh Oh


Shadowing Elton John


Loud laughter

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